Magento to Woocommerce

magento to woocommerce?

Move all your information from Magento to Woocommerce with our service. We will help you with that! Note that you don’t have to have coding or technical skills to move all information in several hours! Start today and tomorrow you will have a Woocommerce web store!

How to Transfer Your Information from Magento to WooCommerce?

Website migration is an easy task when you follow these four easy steps.

Link the origin shopping cart

Input the URL and API that the service asks to attach to the current online shop.

Link the Target Cart

Input the Woocommerce shop URL. Install this service extension for WooCommerce and follow the next steps in your Admin Panel.

Pick the information you want to move

Choose the information you need for your Magento, link it with the similar WooCommerce information, and set the extra options for the transfer.

Launch the transferring

Launch with a free version of our app. Then you can order an entire version to migrate the full store!

Get a Free Demo Today!

We don’t ask personal information for your website migration so don’t worry when downloading this demo version! You don’t have to have a coding or technical experience. This service is user-friendly and native. So download it for free and start your Magento migration!

Magento to Woocommerce

Check below Which Information You Can Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce

Magento to Woocommerce

Supported Entities

- Options and attributes. - Label, SKU, details, descriptions’ photos, quality, producer. - URL, name, and description. - Weight. - Products that client can download and other virtual products. - Actual price. - Standard and extra photos. - Stock status.
- Label, status, description. - Photo. - URL, name, and description.
- Label and photo.
- Name, rates, and rules.
- Full name and e-mail. - Full billing address including zip code and telephone number. - Full shipping address including zip code and telephone number.
- ID, date, status, products, value, number, subtotal price, discount, tax, shopping, total price, and additional comments. - Full billing address including zip code and telephone number. - Full shipping address including zip code and telephone number.
- Full name, voucher code, discount type, and amount.
- Dates, rates, full name, product name, and the review itself.
- Available.
Several languages
- Available.
- Title, description, heading, URL, and status.
Magento to Woocommerce

Additional Options

Delete information in the target store before transferring

Deletes information on categories, items, clients, orders, photos, etc. This option is irreversible.

Skip photos transfer
You don’t have to duplicate the thumbnail if it’s the same as the main photo.
Save order IDs
You can move all order IDs to your new WooCommerce store.
Create 301 redirections right after information transferring
You can redirect previous categories and product links to new links.
Transfer clients’ passwords
Transfer clients’ passwords.
You can save all the links and SEO rankings that you have.
Move all descriptions and blog posts
Move all descriptions and blog posts.
Upload up to 100 items on your new store
Here you can put up to 100 items that are not in stock today but might be tomorrow.
Magento to Woocommerce

About Transferring

You need to do only four easy steps to move your Magento website to the WooCommerce store. It will only take several hours and you don’t need programming experience!

How Much Does Migration from Magento to Woocom-merce Cost?

You pay only for options you need and you want to migrate from Magento to Woocommerce. So the total price depends only on the information you want to transfer and additional options.
Magento to Woocommerce

Demo Version Information

Don’t worry! The demo version is completely free: you don’t have to share any credit card information. Besides, you don’t have to have coding or technical skills to try our service!

Magento to Woocommerce


Migration up to 1000 units 5 hours of technical support
Magento to Woocommerce


Migration up to 20,000 units 10 hours of technical support
Magento to Woocommerce


Migration up to 60,000 units 25 hours of technical support
Magento to Woocommerce


Migration of over 60,000 units 25+ hours of technical support